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Here at Linchpin, we use our 35 years’ experience to offer independent investment and governance advisory services in a number of ways. At the more formal end, it might involve legal responsibility for providing advice, or it could simply be a role on a committee or assisting you with a specific project.


But formal or otherwise, that role will always be to help you make good decisions; be they strategic asset allocation, dealing with your investment managers, complying with relevant legislation, or setting an ethical policy.


In short, Linchpin can help you sort the wheat from the chaff, helping you identify what can actually deliver your longer-term objectives.

To find out more, please call William Bourne on 020 3637 6341, email him at or use the online contact form.

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For good decision-making, read good governance. That means a well thought out process, with adequate resources and the right mix of people – each person knowing what their role is. There also needs to be regular monitoring in place to ensure that you are using your process effectively. The aim is always to help you come to good decisions and, ultimately, generate good returns for your stakeholders.


Good governance processes also promote longer-term continuity and consistency, and a greater understanding of why things are set up as they are. It makes it much easier to brief new members of a committee when they first join or provide an audit trail if needed.


Over ten years, we have helped our clients to design asset allocation processes, create sets of investment beliefs, procure managers, monitor transitions, and review responsible investment and ethical policies. In essence, we act as a second pair of eyes to challenge and improve existing or proposed governance.



Successful investing also requires clarity of thought. With so much noise and data getting in the way, it is easy to be distracted. We have the technical knowledge to ask the right questions of service and product providers... and to interpret if they lapse into financial market gobbledegook. As we have been investors for over 35 years, we can also bring substantial perspective to your asset allocation decisions.


Why Linchpin? The answer goes back to our core values of integrity and objectivity, our experience of what works and what doesn’t, and our ability to bridge the gap between investments and governance.


So to avoid the bad and the ugly, do something good: Call William Bourne on 020 3637 6341 or email him at or use the online contact form.

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Against the backdrop of ever-increasing complexity and sophistication in financial markets, we remain staunch believers in the Local Government Pension Scheme. Behind them are over five million members, many of whom are at the lower end of the pay-scale. At a time of great change, making sure they get the pensions they expect – and deserve – really does matter.

So we are proud to help those with responsibility for managing LGPS funds get the best out of the service providers, whether private sector or shared - who increasingly influence their future. We stand on your side to ensure that fund managers, accountants, investment consultants and the new pools work to your agenda, not theirs. We use our experience and knowledge to guide you through the maze of regulations which apply to any pension manager.

Since 2010 we have worked with LGPS funds on both investment and governance matters. We are currently appointed to formal roles with five funds, and separately undertake specific projects such as reviewing a manager’s responsible investment policy or decision-making process. We comment actively in public forums and have no qualms about standing up for the Scheme when it comes under attack. You can find out more on our News & Views pages.




In recent years, we have spent an increasing amount of time working with charities and similar public sector bodies, including some well-known industry regulators. We recently conducted an independent review for one, including the formulation of investment policy – with its ethical dimension - and supporting them as they procured an investment manager for the first time.


In making our arguments and recommendations, we had to be aware of the need to bring stakeholders along with us on the journey; true in all organisations but particularly so for charities. Linchpin’s independent and constructive approach helped them resolve long-standing issues and move forward with their investment arrangements.

Like the LGPS, charities are not-for-profit organisations. This brings higher standards of scrutiny and openness, as well as additional sets of regulations and laws which need to be complied with. Their public nature, where reputation is so important to donors, makes offering good value for money essential, something we think also differentiates us from a lot of larger providers.

To find out more, please call William Bourne on 020 3637 6341, email him at or use the online contact form.

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